eby doesn't take you to your dream and then hand it to you;  she gives you the tools to find your dream and the encouragement to use them to achieve it.  It's a lifetime gift. - Jackie Zimowski, founder of No Human Trafficking.org

How can 7 total strangers become my dear friends in 8 weeks? Dream Team! - Linda Pappas

Building confidence through relationships...naming goals and constant support in taking steps toward them...pragmatic and compassionate, inspiring and FUN - Abbie Killeen

I've never felt so nurtured, inspired and empowered by a group as I was in the dream team led by Darreby. I honestly went through withdrawal when it ended, and wish I could be in every dream team she leads! -
Janice Jaffe


My "Dream Team" group allowed us to share our dreams and move towards making them come true in the real world. It was the most powerful and meaningful group that I have ever experienced, and I've been in many groups. - Frances Pinney

I've had a dream to become a published author and until I joined the Dream Team, I thought that was all it could be - a dream. But with my fellow Dream Teamers, I've realized that I could make it come through. You will have a group of four or five people to give the support that you may not have had in the past and make a new batch of  friends. -
Emily Allen