This winter I am offering an 8 week team. The team begins with a retreat, and continues with 8 weekly 2-hour meetings.

Retreat: The kickoff retreat happens on a Friday evening (2 1/2 hours) and Saturday morning and afternoon (6 hours) the weekend just before your first team meeting. The retreat is held at at my house in Bath. Attending the retreat is required in order to be on a Team.

Weekly Meetings: each team meets for two hours once a week for 8 weeks. We start the meeting right on time (there is a great deal for us to accomplish in two hours!) so it is a good idea to plan on being there 15 minutes early to get settled, hang up your coat, etc.

Cost: I run teams as a non-profit so I can reach dreamers of any age or income. $25 covers my out-of pocket expenses (books, photocopying, etc.) . We will potluck for meals and snacks during the retreat.

To register for a team, or ask a question, send me an email at
or call 442-7989